sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009


Tive que achar um novo passatempo depois do fim de Prison Break.

MENTAL é a nova série da FOX, que por coincidência tem no elenco 2 caras que também trabalharam no PB. Acabou de estrear e eu achei muito interessante

Dr. Jack Gallagher (Vance) is a radically unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services at Wharton Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. He takes on patients battling unknown, misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions.[3] Gallagher has developed a mysterious ability to get into the minds of his patients and see the way they see reality, allowing him to uncover what might be the keys to their long-term recoveries. This perspective leads Gallagher to offer strange treatments for his patients. These treatments threaten to break the hypersensitive environment of the hospital and generate serious conflicts with his boss Nora (Sciorra), who had a relationship with Jack previously.[5] Jack has to deal not only with his patients but also with Veronica (Jacqueline McKenzie), an ambitious and sexy psychiatrist who is his rival in the hospital, and Carl (Webster), an attending with a pristine image but who hides a deep hate for Jack. In addition, Arturo (Gonzalez) is a junior resident addicted to women, and Chloe (Ramirez) is a young doctor whose sexual orientation makes her immune to Arturo's moves on her.[6]
Anyway, if all this doesn't convince you, Chris Vance looks certainly will.
The guy is hot!!!

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Sounds interesting!!!xxx

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very interesting!


ks, fê =D

Marrie disse...

Have you watched it yet?

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Losing time...